Space for affordable living

Creating space is at the heart of what we do. Space for something new, space for opportunities and, most importantly, space for fulfilled living. We are convinced that modern living space that creates a home for people where they feel good and can raise their children with a sense of security should and must be affordable, without having to sacrifice value and sustainability.


Space for social responsibility

Rent prices continue to rise with no end in sight and subsidized housing is already hard to come by. We won’t just sit back and watch this trend continue. We will use our position to improve this challenging situation. That is what social responsibility means to us. And we take this responsibility very seriously. For us, being an entrepreneur means more than just being interested in business. It also, and most importantly, means social responsibility.


Space for successful collaboration

Cities, municipalities and local governments are currently faced with the enormous task of creating enough subsidized, affordable housing to meet currently high demand that continues to grow. We consider ourselves a reliable partner in this, one that is able to efficiently handle property development processes and complete construction projects on a tight schedule. And all of our projects are feasible thanks to high standardization and serial construction practices with a focus on quality and sustainability.

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